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What’s In My Grocery Cart

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Hey y’all.

I’m just going to put it out there.

I love going to the grocery store. Well, I like it, but not over the hills in love with it, but it’s not a chore that I loathe. However, I have to be strategic about the grocery store and what’s in my cart in order to keep myself sane. For example, I only grocery shop in the mornings before it gets crowded. During that time, the fresh produce is being put out, the store is free of kids, and the necessity to dodge carts, and I can cruise through the aisles listening to the tunes overhead.

Yep, they actually play soothing tunes in the grocery store but it’s often drowned by scrambling moms and crackling wheels on the carts.

So, early morning it is.

I prefer Whole Foods or the farmers market but I will go to other grocers or big box stores if I need toiletries and such.

…when I lived in the Middle East, I preferred Waitrose and Lulu over Carrefour.

OK, so there’s that, back to what’s in my cart and how it all goes down.

I always start in the produce section. I select the green vegetables, yellow, and then colors. Next, I move over to packaged meats, then meat cuts, and lastly, frozen meat. Dairy is next. Though I’m working to minimize dairy, I still include cheese, sour cream, and butter. I’ve completely cut out milk, only because I don’t like it and don’t eat cereal anymore.

Out of habit, I cruise the aisles, in order, to get seasonings, condiments, and paper products. I absolutely have to go in order, and arrange what’s in my cart in the manner it will be bagged and put away.

Obsessive much.

Yes, slightly.

Keeps me sane though.

Click here for a sample shopping list and tell me below about what’s in your cart.

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