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Well It Could Be Worse

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“Well It Could Be Worse”


The phrase that no one wants to hear in a time of personal crisis.

Though most of our friends and family members are well meaning, their words, during times of crisis can sometimes add to confusion or discontent.

“Well it could be worse”, she said as (insert tragic event happened) didn’t bring any comfort or resolve to the matter. We are sometimes met with these words when the listener isn’t sure how to respond or afraid express their true feelings. It’s a phrase often used to encourage you to look at the brighter side or delve into program solving.

As the person grieving the experience, comfort, understanding, and empathy are welcomed as they help neutralize the situation. Most often, the person experiencing trauma needs to release and its doing so through conversation or tears.

As a listener, try shifting from thoughts of sympathy to behaviors of empathy or support. Share, “How may I help you right now?”, “May I help you take action on this?”, or “I hear what you’re saying and I understand”. It is important to allow the person in trauma to fully express themselves without fears of ridicule.

Be an active listener to fully understand what is being shared and why. This encourages healing and lets your friend know that you kind and mindful.

Every situation has alternatives, some are more progressive and others may cause further detriment. Be the voice of empathy and reason.

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