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Walking with Leslie Sansone

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Walking with Leslie Sansone


Exercise, the dirty E-word.

If you’re like me and the great majority, getting pumped up to exercise is challenging. The thought of it makes me lower my eyes and get some type of anxiety. If I have to factor in going to the gym or some outside track, the anxiety increases so much more. I’ve been this way for quite some time except for a brief period in which I was committed to walking around Stone Mountain daily. There’s a walking path along the base of the mountain specifically dedicated for exercise and at one point I use to wear it out. I had no issues hitting that trail daily but then something changed and I dropped off.

….well I move further away and the drive was terrible. If you live in or ever traveled to Atlanta, you know what I mean.


So, after I fell off, I went back to what worked and convenient, Walk Away with Pounds with Leslie Sansone.

I’ve been walking with Leslie Sansone off and on over 10 years or better. Outside of wanting some fresh air or getting some sun while walking, Walk Away the Pounds works for me. I like that it’s always available and have varying impact levels. If you’re just starting out, try some of her quick 20 minute walks once per day. Then, you can do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, that’s 40 minutes for the day, which is pretty damn awesome. Thereafter, you can do 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.


One whole hour per day.

There are a ton of variations to her routines. In addition to her low impact cardio, she has routines that include resistance bands and light weights. Weight training with cardio helps to improve strength and aids in weight loss.

So, if you’re like me and prefer not to drive to exercise, try it in your home by walking with Leslie Sansone.

Personalize it too by turning down the volume and turning up your favorite tunes.

If you’ve used Leslie’s tapes, tell me what kind in the comments below.

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