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Weight Loss, Exercise, and Heart Disease In 2013, I found out that I had heart disease by way of a heart attack. ….yep, a good old fashion heart attack due to blockage. I’d high a high cholesterol reading once, then it went down without meds and I thought all was …
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Walking with Leslie Sansone Exercise, the dirty E-word. If you’re like me and the great majority, getting pumped up to exercise is challenging. The thought of it makes me lower my eyes and get some type of anxiety. If I have to factor in going to the gym or some …
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Of course, no one wants to give up pizza. That’s some type of social faux pas, sin even. So, when I transitioned into low carb eating, I had to find a way to include pizza in the rotation. I tried all of the recommended pizzas with the cauliflower crust and …
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“Well It Could Be Worse” The phrase that no one wants to hear in a time of personal crisis. Though most of our friends and family members are well meaning, their words, during times of crisis can sometimes add to confusion or discontent. “Well it could be worse”, she said …
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