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Low Carb Meal Ideas: What’s in my Plate? One of the quickest ways to revert to unhealthy or an undesirable eating habit is to run out of meal ideas. Saving graces for me are having plenty of staple low carb meal ideas and planning. For me, poor planning equals to …
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Hey y’all. I’m just going to put it out there. I love going to the grocery store. Well, I like it, but not over the hills in love with it, but it’s not a chore that I loathe. However, I have to be strategic about the grocery store and what’s …
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Homemade Beef Taco Salad Whether I’m following a low-carb diet or not, taco salads are always my friend. Always. I order them in restaurants, eat them in cafeterias, and make them at home. All of them are equally satisfying but I’ll add that mine are perfect to me. …and my …
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Prior to 40, I never believed in the mantra of “it’s harder to lose weight after 40”. Now, that I’m slightly over 40, I’m not quite sure if I believe it now. Of course there after differences in our bodies and the way things are handled, however by implementing strategies …
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