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Easy Broccoli Casserole Recipe Small Portion – Four Servings   This is an oldie but goodie. I’ve made this recipe quite a few times since deciding to follow a low carb lifestyle. I initially found the recipe on “Linda Sue’s Low Carb” recipe page and it’s been a favorite since …
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Quick Keto Stir Fry

Quick Keto Stir Fry   There are days in our lives when standing in the kitchen prepping for hours, waiting for slow cookers, or standing and stirring are just not possible. There are also days in which we want a full, healthy meal, forgoing the drive-thru. To champion tiredness of …
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Chicken Stroganoff with Pasta Zero

Chicken Stroganoff with Pasta Zero   One of the things I miss most since adopting low-carb eating are casseroles. Whether in the form of the famous Hamburger Helper or a homemade favorite, casseroles are certainly missed. …especially stroganoff. ….until recently. I found the secret sauce. …oh, yes. I am abundantly …
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Low Carb Options Nandos

Dining out is not cancelled when you’re on a low carb diet. When adopting a low carb or KETO lifestyle, it’s important to plan ahead in order to stay on plan. From my days of living in Abu Dhabi, Nando’s has been a favorite. One of the reasons I love …
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