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Low Carb Dining: Texas Roadhouse

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Low Carb Dining at Texas Roadhouse


Low carb living isn’t as restrictive as some naysayers make it out to be. In the early days, many proclaimed that low carb living meant excluding vegetables, scarfing down heaps of fat, and being restricted to slabs of meat. As we’ve learned, those sentiments are far from the truth and low carb living is just as enjoyable as well as healthy as any other.

Over the years, I’ve peeped in on discussions about social eating, specifically dining out. Social eating is a staple activity across circles of friends. So, anytime a friend asks if Texas Roadhouse is acceptable for me, the answer is yes.

Now, I can’t go in there and have several rolls with the warm honey butter like I use to but I have options. You have options. We have options.

For Texas Roadhouse lovers like myself, here’s are the low carb options that I suggest.*


Texas Red Chili (cup)

Killer Ribs

Grilled Shrimps (no toast)


Any of the salads, minus the croutons and always dressing on the side.


Any steak. I recommend Ft. Worth Ribeye and the Prime Rib. Options with toppings or plated on beds of rice, ask for substitutes or decline the extras.


All are recommended. My favorites are the ribeye and ribs with a side of broccoli.

Chicken Specialties

Portobello Mushroom Chicken

BBQ Roasted Half Chicken

Grilled BBQ Chicken

Smothered Chicken without the cheese

Over Roasted Half Chicken

Country Dinners

Veg Plate with green vegetables and salad. Skip potatoes and corn

Pork Dinner

Grilled Pork Chops

Beef Tips

Dockside Dinners

Grilled Salmon

Grill Shrimp


Fresh vegetables


Sauteed Mushroom

Green Beans

Buttered Corn (higher in carbs)

Applesauce (higher in carbs and sugar)


Water with lemon – always

Now, don’t skip another meal with friends at Texas Roadhouse. There are a range of low carb friendly options.


For a Texas Roadhouse near you, check the locations tab on their website.

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*Dining options on a low carb or high protein diet are plentiful. There’s no need to skip social outings or feel that there’s nothing on the menu that’s satisfying and also support your dietary options. Some of the choices may be slightly higher in your daily carb intake, however the options mentioned are feasible choices.

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