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Low Carb Dining: Mission BBQ

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Low Carb Dining: Mission BBQ


Within this low carb lifestyle, we need realistic options in order to remain successful. For many of us, success includes keeping parts of our lives that create happiness and balance. For me, dining out is something I enjoy, as I’ve share time and again. So with that, finding low carb options at restaurants that I like is important.

This week, my sister and I tried Mission BBQ for the first time.

Mission BBQ is a fairly new in the BBQ business. They opened their first store in 2011. Their overall “mission” was to create a space that honored American heroes with one of America’s favorite dishes, BBQ.


Dining at Mission BBQ is easy. Diners walk in down a small decorated path leading to the ordering ordering station. The ordering station consists of a large menu above, cashiers bay, and serving space where the prepared order is given. Seating is open; drinks and condiments are self-serviced. Each station comes with six choices of BBQ sauce. Everything from tangy, spicy, and sweet. Diners can be as liberal with the sauces as their little BBQ mouths desire.



My Low Carb BBQ recommendations:

Meat Sampler (2 choice or 3 choice) with brisket and sausage, green beans & bacon, coleslaw, and water.

If I have carbs to spare, I’ll have baked beans instead of the one the options above or two teaspoons to mix with the brisket.



My thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed Mission BBQ. It’s presentation, options, and some of the tastes reminded me of Stiles Switch BBQ in Austin. Mission BBQ would be the prefer choice as the sauce is served on the side and it doesn’t have the overbearing Texas twangy flavor like some of the meats at Stiles Switch. All of the meats were exceptionally tender with balanced flavor. I tasted the chicken, plain sausage, Jalapeno sausage and cheese, which is very spicy, and brisket. I’d order all of them again.

….and did because I went back to Mission BBQ the next day.

Though green beans are the selected low-carb option, they were just OK. Perhaps they could be doctored with a hint of pepper or something. They were slightly bland even with bacon pieces. My sister enjoyed them though.

So, if you’re looking to hang out with friends in a casual dining environment, Mission BBQ is recommended because of the availability of low carb BBQ options.

Other Low Carb Selections:

All meat selections, some of the sausage selections will be slightly higher in carbs. Also, use sauces as dips versus gravy.

Green salad minus breaded add-ons or croutons.


Green beans & bacon


Baked beans (moderate carbs for those in maintenance mode)

Creamed corn (moderate carbs for those in maintenance mode)

Porks Ribs at Mission BBQ

Fork rating:

Fork Rating 3.5

Mission BBQ is rated 3.5 forks because of the limited low-carb side options.

Standard review can be found here.

We visited the Mission BBQ location in Greenbelt, MD.

Other Mission BBQ locations can be found in: Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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