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Losing Weight over 40

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Prior to 40, I never believed in the mantra of “it’s harder to lose weight after 40”. Now, that I’m slightly over 40, I’m not quite sure if I believe it now. Of course there after differences in our bodies and the way things are handled, however by implementing strategies that are applicable to your current body, weight loss is nearly the same.

…nearly is the operative word.

I haven’t changed too much in what I do to lose weight because what worked for me in my 20s and 30s is pretty much the same now.

Here’s what works for me, when I’m consistent: a diet lower in simple carbs, lean meat, minimal pork, and daily exercise, preferably walking on an incline.

….but there are two things that always causes stalls, backslides, and failure.

being inconsistent or stopping.

That’s it for me in a nutshell.

What I know now that was different than before is creating simple, realistic, meaningful systems. Recipes that I try can’t have too many steps, hard to find ingredients, and are difficult to turn into single servings. I don’t like leftovers much anymore. I also know that I will not stop going out to dinner. Socialization and travel are a huge part of what I do, so saying that I’ll completely cut it out is unrealistic and a sure way to halt weight loss. In order to manage this, I have to make smarter choices. I can’t go to Texas Roadhouse and eat four rolls like before, I can’t go to my favorite Tex-Mex spots and have bowls of chips and salsa or gorge at buffets. However, I will continue to dine out and make better choices which is why I added that tab on the site. Often times, throughout our weight loss journey, we implement things that are unrealistic, get frustrated, and jump off the wagon.

…and that’s a no.

Now that I’m aimed with this knowledge, here’s to better choices and realistic expectations.

Let’s go!

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